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Fire on Ice started as an idea by Jeff “Dictator Turcatto” Turcotte in 2007 to be a contest for some friends to get together to kick off the BBQ season and have fun, with more of the emphasis being on “fun” rather than the competition itself. The contest started off as “short cook” meats, with chicken, ribs, pork tenderloin and beef tri-tip.  Teams would show up on Saturday morning, cook some bbq, and then turn it in at the local bar where the bar patrons would judge the turn-ins. The event turned into a highly anticipated annual contest that brought teams in from as far away as Texas. Each year the contest grew in size and become more “work” than fun, so the contest ended in 2010 after a great four-year run.

Driven by desire to bring back the contest (and a little peer pressure), Tony Korthaus of Quetopia BBQ Supply resurrected the contest in 2013.  Each year the contest has grown in size, from 26 teams in 2013 to 37 in 2014 (our coldest year with air temp clost to -30F without windchill), 48 in 2015, 59 in 2016 and 47 in 2018.  In 2015 the contest was sanctioned by Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) as a Competitor Series contest with the 4 main meats (chicken, pork ribs, pork shoulder/butt and beef brisket). Fire on Ice became a fully sanctioned contest by KCBS beginning in 2016.

Since 2014, Fire on Ice has been an Automatic Qualifier for the World Food Championships, and the Grand Champions have attended the World BBQ Championships to represent Fire on Ice: 2014- Full Frontal BBQ in Las Vegas, NV; 2015 – Eggspert BBQ in Kissimmee, FL; 2016 – Totally Sauced in Orange Beach, Al.

Teams have came from as far away as Georgia and Arizona with judges flying in from California, Maryland and Canada!

2018’s contest will be held at Izatys Resort in Onamia, MN.

Check out some of the pictures from years past to get an idea of the fun that can be had.  Just remember….what happens on the ice stays on the ice!


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