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This page contains the basic contest information for Fire on Ice.  Note that there are separate drop down pages you can select under Contest Details to find the Team Entry Form, Team List, Lodging and Apparel information.  Please click on and review the Lodging page for very important information regarding hotel, condo/townhouse and ice house accommodations BEFORE completing your Team Entry Form.

Judges and Table Captains, please also review the Lodging page regarding information for lodging options.

E-mail Communications
Frequent updates for Fire on Ice are sent out by e-mail.  Please make sure that emails from and are added to your “safe” e-mail lists and do not get dumped into a SPAM/Junk mail folder.  After we send e-mails, we check for those that have bounced and we will try to re-connect with the respective person.  If the emails do not bounce, it is presumed that you have received them and it is your responsibility to read/act as needed.

Format & Sanctioning
2018’s contest will be sanctioned event by the Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS).  Entry fee for the 4 main meats (Chicken, Pork Ribs, Pork Shoulder/Butt & Beef Brisket) is $250.00.

Upon completion of the online Team Entry Form, you will receive a confirmation email and can mail in a check payment or you may pay online through Quetopia BBQ Supply’s website (Click here to access online payment. When paying online, please select “Local Pickup” so there is no shipping charge. If you forget to do that, any shipping charge will be removed prior to your card being processed).

NOTE: Your Fire on Ice entry is not confirmed until you complete the payment process.  Online completion of the entry form does not guarantee your placement in Fire on Ice. It is crucial that you complete the payment process as soon as possible in case we have to limit the number of teams competing.

Click here for the KCBS Rules and RegulationsANOTHER NOTE: KCBS released the updated rules in January. It is your responsibility to make sure you are up-to-date with the 2018 KCBS rules prior to Fire on Ice.

Trophies and Cash Payouts
Contestants must compete in all four meat categories to be eligible for the overall awards. Trophies are awarded to the Grand Champion, Reserve Grand Champion, 3rd Place Overall and 1st through 10th places in each meat category, at a minimum.  At the start of the planning process, initial payouts have been set to $8,300 as follows (GC – $1,000, RGC – $400, 3rd Overall – $200, 1st through 5th in each category of $400, $300, $200, $150 & $125, respectively, and 6th through 10th place in each category –  $100. Guaranteed Minimum Payouts need to be confirmed with KCBS 90 days prior to the contest at which time payouts can only be decreased with KCBS Board approval and notification to the teams.  However, payouts can be increased at the organizer’s discretion. It is Fire on Ice’s expectation to once again pay out as much as possible and be over $10,000.  The total 4 meat payouts were $10,800 in 2017 (47 teams) , $12,500 in 2016 (59 teams), $9,100 in 2015 (48 teams), $7,500 in 2014 (37 teams) and $4,800 in 2013 (26 teams).

The Highly Anticipated Anything Alcohol Category
Of course the event would not be the same without the signature category, Anything Alcohol! Anything Alcohol will have a $25 entry fee, which will help provide a larger payout for your efforts and eliminate those entries that are not serious (cans of beer and shots are good, but it’s like turning in a wrapped candy bar for a dessert entry). Each team will be allowed ONE (1) paid entry submission. Alcohol entries will be submitted in either the provided container or a team provided container/platter. If team provided containers are used, the original team number must be included with the entry and placed in a conspicuous place. Alcohol entry may be garnished or decorated as desired. Marking of any kind will disqualify the entry. Each entry will be blind judged on APPEARANCE and TASTE/FLAVOR. A minimum of six (6) separate portions must be submitted (more is better!). Scoring will range from a low of 1 to a high of 10 for Presentation and 1 to 15 for Taste/Flavor, with the following weighting factors applied: Appearance – 1.25 and Taste – 2.50. The lowest judge score will be removed. In the event of ties, the higher of the low scores removed will determine the winner. If still tied, there will be a random drawing/flip to decide the winner. Payouts and trophies will be awarded based upon the number of entries and will be updated prior to the contest. This ancillary category does not count towards the overall Grand Champion.

Over the years the entries have evolved from pure liquid to more dessert-type entries. We will inform the judges that if it is a dessert entry, there better be some alcohol in it!  If you make an amaretto cheesecake don’t forget to put in the amaretto!  We better be able to taste it!

Electricity, Water & Ice 
No electricity will be available. If you need it, bring it! Generators are permitted. Water will be available on-site. Be prepared to transport water to team site. Ice will be available at no charge.

Respect the Ice! Cleanliness & Sanitation
Everything that goes on to the ice must come off. Teams are responsible for maintaining their cook sites in an orderly and clean manner per KCBS rules and are responsible for the cleanup of their site once the competition has ended. There will be waste collection facilities for the teams, but teams must be prepared to bring the items off the ice for collection. We will have more information in the Cook’s Letter and at the Cook’s Meeting regarding disposal/collection. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has monitored contest activities on the lake during previous events. Teams will be responsible for any DNR ramifications based upon their actions.

Detailed Cook’s and Judge/Table Captain Information
As our planning phase continues, we will update teams through email, this website and Facebook page.  There will also be a very detailed letter sent to all teams, judges and table captains in early February 2018.  This letter will have all the information needed and will cover arrival times, parking instructions and other general information.  If you need anything prior to the letter being distributed, please contact Tony at (952) 405-8495 or DO NOT CALL THE HOST RESORT. Thank You!!





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